Using WebSockets provides the ability to stream responses back to a client in order to allow partial results for certain requests. This improves the perceived responsiveness of applications and offers a better user experience.
The WebSocket url is

Message Streaming

Stream a message response back to a client as it's being generated.
  • WebSocket URL:
  • Requirements:
    • accessToken: The existing access token for the session (see Authentication).
    • WebSocket client library (see npm package).

Setup and Connection

  1. 1.
    Import to create a WebSocket connection.
import { io } from "";
  1. 2.
    Initialize socket connection.
const options = {
transportOptions: {
polling: {
extraHeaders: {
"access-token": "<access-token>"
const socket = io("", options);

Receiving Messages

  • Listen for messages on the message event.
  • Filter messages by checking if the event data matches chatbot.responseGenerated.
  • Process the streamed message data.
socket.on("message", (eventData) => {
if (eventData.event === "chatbot.responseGenerated") {
console.log("Streaming message data:",;
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