Custom Instructions


The "Custom Instructions" feature is a core functionality within Lingo Blocks, designed to offer users the ability to tailor the behavior of their AI chatbot or assistant. This document provides a detailed overview of the feature, its applications, and guidance on its utilization.


Custom Instructions refer to specific guidelines or directives set by a user to influence the chatbot or assistant's response patterns. By establishing these instructions, the AI model can provide answers that adhere more closely to a user's requirements or desired communication style.

Key Features

Persistent Memory: Once implemented, custom instructions are retained and considered for all subsequent interactions, ensuring consistent user-chatbot experience without repetitively inputting preferences.

Adaptable Use Cases: Custom instructions can be applied across various domains. Whether your application targets e-commerce, education, or any other sector, the ability to guide your chatbot's responses can be invaluable.

User-specific Tailoring: Different users or audiences may have distinct requirements. Custom instructions allow for a refined user experience by addressing those specific needs.

Usage Instructions

Setting Custom Instructions:

  1. Navigate to the Custom Instructions section within the Lingo Blocks dashboard.

  2. Input your specific instructions or guidelines in the provided field.

  3. Save changes to ensure your chatbot or assistant incorporates these directives in future interactions.

Modifying or Deleting Instructions:

  1. Revisit the Custom Instructions section.

  2. Edit or remove the existing instructions as needed.

  3. Save changes to update the chatbot's behavior.

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